OSMF Player

Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) is a free, open-source, development framework for building video experiences on the web and desktop. OSMF is a pure ActionScript 3.0 based framework and is created by Adobe Systems.
OSMF is designed for content publishers, developers, and Adobe Flash platform ecosystem partners—anyone who is incorporating video on their website. OSMF simplifies development by providing out-of-the-box support for multiple media types, including video, audio, images, and SWF files. The extensible plug-in architecture enables additional features from third-party services, such as advertising insertion, rendering, tracking, and reporting for analytics, and content delivery network (CDN) authentication.
OSMF supports RTMP and HTTP streaming, progressive download, sequential and parallel compositions of video and other media, and layout in and outside the video player.
OSMF 2.0 based players (such as Strobe Media Playback and GrindPlayer)

Download Player Strobe Media Playback
Download Player GrindPlayer